CV Tips And Advice Helping You To Find That Perfect Job!

CV Tips And Advice Helping You To Find That Perfect Job!

Friday 8th December 2017
Chris Pennington, Careers Advisor

Many people find the idea of writing a new CV very daunting. Where do I start? How do I write it? What style should I use? What should be added? Well, we have outlined below five brief tips to help you write that all important CV and get you started.

1) Should I include all your employment history?

Many people make the mistake of putting their entire employment history on a CV. This is not needed and especially so if it results in a lengthy document that does not engage the reader. It's important to cover any gaps, however the positions included should focus on the application. Also assess if you really need to mention that job from 20 years ago or the last 10 jobs you had. Bare in mind the person who will be reading the CV and what they will be interested in seeing. This can help bring essential focus to the document and keep it engaging.

2) Present or Past tense?

There is no right or wrong answer regarding which tense to use. However, whichever you do choose to write in be consistent. Don't change to past or present from line to line. If you do the document becomes confusing and can look poorly constructed. It is important to convey a professional image.

3) What style and how should it look?

The style of CV's has changed over recent decades. The style from the 1970's and 1980's were designed around typewriters. With regret many people still use the same style. Try to design your CV as you would want to read it. Use your pc or laptop and design the spacing and look carefully. It's best not to try and save time and use a template however. Templates seems like a quick and easy option. However they can be outdated and over used by other applicants which means your CV might not stand out. Remember as well if you start to struggle at this essential stage you can always use a professional CV writer to help you. Make sure if you do however they don't use templates and write every CV from scratch tailored to your skills and experience. It can make all the difference.

4) What should be added?

Remember to focus your CV on the job you are applying for. Read the job specification and role and look at the key words being used. Then when you highlight your employment role and achievements show how you meet the requirements. A CV is essentially a written sales pitch so sell yourself to the employer. This is not a time to undervalue yourself!

5) Should I add a Photo?

If you go to a search engine and type in CV you will see image upon image of CV's with photos added to them. These however will not be UK CV's. In the UK there is no requirement to add a photo and it will add nothing to the CV if you do. It could even prove to be a negative as recruiters could make unwelcome assumptions. Therefore never add a photo if you are applying for a job in the UK.

The above brief five tips should help you start to write your new CV. However, if you do struggle remember help is at hand and you can always pay a professional to help you. Whichever choice you do make however good luck in your applications!