How to Project Confidence in an Interview

How to Project Confidence in an Interview

Saturday 29th June 2019
Graduate Coach

If you don't have confidence in yourself, how can you expect the interviewer to have confidence in you?

Confidence is key! Being able to project confidence in your interviews really can make the difference between getting the job or not.

That's why we've partnered up with Chris Davies, the Founder of Graduate Coach, to share top tips on how to project confidence in an interview.

So without further ado, let's get started.

1. Strategically prepare for your interview

Surprisingly, people spend on average 36 minutes preparing for their interviews.

This is not enough time to adequately prepare.

If you walk into that interview room knowing as much as possible about the company, role and industry that you are applying for you'll stand a much higher chance of projecting confidence.

Here are some tips on how to properly prepare for your interview to help boost your confidence.

Action points:

- Get an interview coach. The process of interview training will help you to gain more confidence and boost your interview performance.

Our partners at Graduate Coach offer an online interview coaching program called "Nail that Interview".

The course has been designed to help those who want to be the best that they can be at job interviews.

When you enroll, you'll get access to 9 teaching modules, 8 downloadable guides and more!

- Visit the company's website and take a look at their press page. Read all of the press releases and mentions in the media.

- Identify who the company's competitors are.

- Read the trade press. A lot of people do not do this. Trade press is a collective term for magazines or newspapers whose target audience is people who work in a particular trade or industry. In the marketing industry alone there are at least seven trade magazines

- Make note of what sensible questions you can ask in your interview based upon your research into what the company stands for, what their main issues are etc. Once you have done this practice answering competency-based questions out loud using the STAR format until you feel more confident.

2. Learn how to use body language to project confidence

Here are some body language tips to help you to project more confidence during your interviews:

- Use the 80:20 rule when it comes to giving eye contact to your interviewer.
- Use hand gestures when speaking
- Don't fidget
- Nod your head whilst listening
- Practice deep breathing

3. Show empathy

Empathy is defined as: "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another."

It is really important that you deeply understand what the company needs and show that their needs are equally important to you.
For example, it's not a case of just understanding what the company's core values are. It is also about expressing what these core values mean to you.
Then you'll know exactly how you need to adapt and how they'll expect you to evolve in the role to continually add value to the company.
Being able to genuinely show empathy will help you to confidently articulate why you are the right fit for the job.

4. Ask for the job at the end of the interview

The most important part of the interview is at the very end.

After every interview, you get a couple of minutes to ask questions. This is your opportunity to ask for the job.

There's definitely an art to asking for the job at the end of an interview! Once you get it right, you'll melt the heart of any interviewer, and leave a lasting impression, whilst projecting confidence.

It is very important that you leave a lasting impression. One that ensures the interviewer will remember you.

Implementing these tips will help you to project confidence in your upcoming interviews.

Good luck!