Why pay for someone to write a CV?

Why pay for someone to write a CV?

Thursday 4th February 2021
Jamie Hughes - Senior CV Writer and Career Coach at Your CV Consultant

Recruitment is not fair. I would go as far as to say that it's biased.

Bias in favour of those who can write CVs, cover letters and applications better.

Those who proceed to interview are not always the best people for the job. This is not the recruiting organisations fault. They are only responding to the material put in front of them. In this case they do have to 'judge a book by its cover' as they have nothing else to go on. I read so many CVs of highly capable people with a strong skill set and substantial career but their CV simply does not reflect that.

That is where I usually come in.

My job is to ensure the candidate promotes themselves in the best possible light.

As a candidate in the recruitment game you are a product. The recruiting organisation is a shopper wanting a new product and they consider all the key features of each available product before making the final selection.

Imagine if you went shopping for a new smart phone. There are numerous different manufacturers with different products with different levels of specifications. So how do you choose? You choose the one that has the features you like. It might be a higher resolution camera, more memory for songs or even a cheaper payment plan. But would you choose the phone that did not tell you that it had a great camera or a great value plan? Simply no.

At the CV review stage the company is simply looking to shortlist someone who has clearly demonstrated the 'features' they want (in our case: skills, experience and qualifications).

What I do is display the candidate in the best possible light to ensure their selling features are clear to read and represented in the strongest fashion possible.

The ways I do this are very varied.

Techniques such as formatting, writing effective job descriptions and using strong Professional Profiles all contribute to developing an effective CV.

I also remove many of the common mistakes made by so many people. These are mistakes that kill an application stone dead. I have recruited for many jobs. I have had candidate pools of 20 -100. I will personally guarantee that at least 50-70% will do something critical that will drop them straight into the 'no' pile.

If 10 people apply for the role and everyone is equal in their background, skills and experience then you have a 1 in 10 (10%) chance of getting the job without any help with your CV. Your CV Consultant will ensure you are not in the 50% who will make a mistake on their CV which leads to being rejected.

Congratulations you are down to the final five.

You now have a 1/5 (20%) chance and are much more likely to get an interview.

So, if you want to increase your chances of getting more interviews then email and we can identify which package we offer that will help you do this.