Should you ditch the hobbies section from your CV?

Should you ditch the hobbies section from your CV?

Tuesday 13th April 2021
Jamie Hughes - Author and Career Coach at Your CV Consultant

90% of the time... lose the Hobbies & Interests

I strongly believe that for an efficient CV this section contributes nothing.

Most people put reading, watching TV, socialising, cinema etc. This is meaningless. You might as well put down 'breathing'. Do not bother. It achieves nothing.

The other 10%: Using Hobbies and Interests

You should only use this section in a few circumstances.

If you are young, inexperienced or literally having nothing else that demonstrates any skills, strengths or experiences it can be useful.

Remember, this is not a dating profile. The employer does not care what you do with your spare time really. But certain inclusions can generate some conclusions.

If you have a hobby such as a sport or other activity and you have committed to it and achieved something significant then it says a lot. If it is a casual interest then it does not need to go in.


'Jogging'. says nothing. You have a shuffle round the block every now and again.

'Running (completed a half marathon in June)' This says to me someone who has commitment, drive and lots of energy.

Do not panic here. You might have nothing. More people than you think just like to come home from work and do nothing. I count myself amongst that fine bunch of people.

Simply if you don't have anything then avoid this section. It won't count against you.

If you do use it then put some depth in. If you don't have the depth then don't use it.

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