5 Top Tips For Updating Your CV

5 Top Tips For Updating Your CV

Tuesday 29th June 2021
Chris Pennington (Client Services Director - Your CV Consultant)

Using old or outdated CVs for job applications may not get you many interviews. With this in mind, we have listed 5 top tips to focus on when creating your new CV.

Personal profile

Always read the job description for the position you are applying for. Then, write your profile so it covers the essential points. Remove irrelevant sentences and wording, ensuring it focuses on where your skill set needs to be for the application.

The profile is also a great place to tailor your career plans. It can be a central thread that runs throughout the CV. In your profile you can state what you're looking for and what you can bring to a future employer or position.

Key skills

A great CV should always have a section that will focus on your key skills. Skills from a CV you produced years ago may be outdated. Alternatively, it may not be applicable to positions you are applying for in the future. Look to your recent career history and the skills you have gained, then amend this section again to focus specifically on the application.

Employment history

If you have not updated your CV for a while, you may find your employment history goes back a number years. Alternatively, it may be that there are now too many positions after you've added recent ones. Consider therefore whether your less recent positions need to be on your CV and if they relate to your current application.

Education and continuous development

Education and training forms part of your continuous personal development. It doesn't normally stop at school. As well as ensuring you mention where you studied and the qualifications you gained, add courses and training that you have attained within recent employment too. Especially if they're relevant to the application.

Spelling and grammar

Always check for spelling and grammatical errors. The best way to do this is proof read your CV and don't ignore your software's attempts to highlight any errors you may have made. Also ask a friend to check it for you as well. Another pair of eyes is always helpful!

if you're still unsure how to update your CV, contact a professional! Your CV Consultant are always here to help, simply email with any questions you may have.