Universities & Partners

Your CV Consultant works with Universities and specialist partners to provide CV, career advice, and further help so you can progress in your life and career.

We also believe that our expertise and sector experience can offer additional support to current in house practices and we welcome contact on how we can help and work with you in the future.

If you are a College, University, or want to work with us then give us a call on 0330 133 0356 or email us at info@yourcvconsultant.co.uk

Corporate Career Girl (formerly IAMICareer) is an online community and career platform, founded in May 2016. We are on a daily mission to empower and equip career girls of all cultures and backgrounds with the right career resources and tools to succeed in the workplace.

The corporate world is serious business and we are here to inspire and encourage you to own the corporate workplace with confidence. From dealing with workplace issues to learning 'how to survive your first day at work' - We discuss it all and we will gladly be your support system.

Click here for Corporate Career Girl a contributor and friend of Your CV Consultant

Your CV Consultant is proud to work with partners and recommend them to help our clients progress. A Personal Development Coach is something everyone can benefit from.

Jacqui Greene provides personal development coaching;

'You will find the motivation inside you, aided by my coaching approach; empathetic, professional, inspirational. You will unearth the skills you have, to thrive, to challenge, to improve. Whether you're doing this for you, with your family, or for your business, you have the power inside to make the changes you need.'

You have your individual coaching needs and aims. Together we will identify what is best for you, whether that is a half-day Breakthrough Coaching session or a longer term diarised Coaching Plan - good habits break bad habits.'

Jacqui Greene can be found by clicking here