Professional CV Writers – Are They Worth The Money?

Professional CV Writers - Are They Worth The Money?

Tuesday 28th November 2017
Your CV Consultant

You might think, based on the fact this article is being written by a professional CV writing company director, that the answer to the question is 'of course it's worth it!' However, there is more to this question than meets the eye... We answer 4 key questions you need to ask yourself before placing an order for a CV with ANY company.

1) Do I need someone to write my CV?

Many people feel they don't need someone to write a CV for them. They know their experience and they can save money whilst doing it for free. However, it's best to break this down into two sections so an informed decision can be made.

What people do not see on a regular basis is other peoples CV's. These are the CV's whose their CV will be compared against. Many people would be shocked by the difference in standards; relating to content, grammar, style and focus. An experienced CV writing company can prepare a new CV to compete against other candidates. Through experience they will have seen what works and what does not. They will know where the focus needs to be and also how to present it in a modern and engaging style. Many applicants are still using styles and templates from 10-20 years ago which are no longer relevant. They may therefore never even hear back from the employer after sending it.

Secondly, writing a CV is not to everyone's strength. English might not be their first language, they may not know where to start, what content to put on the CV, or simply do not have the time. For example, if someone needs an electrician they don't normally spend 2 years learning the trade and doing it themselves rather than simply paying for an electrician to do the job for them in the first place and more quickly.

Of course, you may also be a skilled writer and have experience in recruitment. Basically, you need to honestly assess the above and how it relates to you and the roles you are applying for. If you are confident you can tick the above boxes yourself and know what you are up against then give it a go for free.

2) Why are the prices so different from each company?

Many companies have different pricing strategies and packages. These can be priced from £10 to £1000. It can vary that much. Some prices can relate to the length of career, profession, or if you're just graduating. It's important to focus on what you need. If you are a Professor in Microbiology, it's probably worth checking with the company first to see how they can help and at what price. Technical CV's can vary to an administrative CV.

The other question you need to ask is 'can I afford it and is it worth the cost?' A professionally written CV could be the difference between getting a job or not. The investment therefore is relative to the potential gain and needs to be viewed accordingly. The key however is never pay more than you can afford or want to pay. Just because some company is charging £300 for a CV does not mean its better than a £30 CV. Just a more expensive one that does the same job. Have a look around the company website to get a feel for them; even check their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages to see their experience.

3) Will it guarantee me a new job?

No CV can guarantee a job. A CV cannot complete the interview for you, pass your probation, and get you to and from work everyday! However what a CV can do is GET YOU TO INTERVIEW. Again, this cannot be guaranteed and it's advisable never to trust a company who says it is. What it should do however is increase your chances of getting the interview you want, and therefore also increase the likelihood of getting the job you are looking for as well.

4) What if I want to change it afterwards?

People often worry that they wont be able to change the CV once it's been completed. A professional CV company however should always offer free revisions. It's important to take on board the advice and expertise of the company writing it for you, but ultimately it is your CV and you should be given the opportunity to get them to amend it to suit what you want changing. Again, check with the company before placing an order so you know what to expect or check the details of the package online so you can see they offer a free future revisions service.

So the answer to the question is - yes they are worth the money. However you need to be careful how much you pay (there really is no need to pay hundreds of pounds for a CV), and also that the company have good testimonials and will work with you and for you. If you get this right it will be a very good investment and can give you the edge over the other CV's the recruiter will be seeing and you will be competing against.

This article was written by Chris Pennington, Client Services Director at Your CV Consultant and a published careers writer for sites such as CV Library and Career Experts.