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How to nail your next interview!

Wednesday 10th April 2019
Graduate Coach

Every year 500,000 UK students graduate. Of these, 250,000 never enter the graduate workforce (Source, CIPD 2017). One of the key reasons for this is that no one has ever taught them how to interview. In fact, over 85 % of students and recent graduates find interviewing difficult /very difficult (source CV library). Interview failures can be narrowed down to six different categories: 1) Preparation 2) Are you applying to the right job? 3) How much you want the job? 4) Empathy 5) Asking Questions 6) Nerves Preparation Preparation is the first and most common reason for interview failure. If spent enough time researching, revising…

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'Communication’ is the most sought after soft skill

Sunday 24th March 2019

- 10.9% of job ads mention 'communication' within the job description - Other popular soft skills include organisation, planning skills, flexibility and motivation New data from job search engine revealed that when it comes to seeking out new employees, 'Communication' is the most sought after soft skill. 10.9% of ads mention 'Communication' within the job description, highlighting the value of showing off soft skills in both CVs and during interview processes. 'Communication', mentioned 116,261 times across the 1.1million job adverts analysed, was closely followed up 'Organised', mentioned 87,747 times (8.7%), and 'Planning' mentioned 83,322 times (7.8%), rounding off the top three most sought after soft skills for employment in the UK. Featured in the top ten soft skills were 'Focused', 'Confidence', 'Customer service',…

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How to Prepare for University as a Mature Student

Tuesday 12th March 2019
Megan Bryant (Online Marketer for StudentJob UK)

Going back into the world of education as a mature student can be a blessing and a curse. Take it from me, at the tender age of twenty-one I was labelled as one! So below are a few tips to help prepare yourself for those deadlines and anything in between. Join societies! As a mature student, the thought of going out drinking every night may not appeal to you for numerous reasons. However, integration is still important and can surprisingly be done without the use of alcohol. Joining societies is a great way to build new and lasting relationships as well as having downtime from all the hard work. Time Management is Vital Let's say you have been working full time for…

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Writing your first CV after University

Saturday 9th March 2019
Chris Pennington (Director and Founder of Your CV Consultant)

Leaving University can be an exciting but also daunting time. After studying hard and taking your exams, entering the job market can feel like a large leap into a new world. Many graduates secure a graduate scheme or internship, however that's not for everyone. Most people leaving University will start to approach job boards, recruitment agencies, and contact employers directly to secure that first all important full time position. Without doubt there is one key document that you will need to make that first big impression, and that is a professional looking CV. Writing this is the first step along the road to a successful career. So where do you start? In this article we will advise of three…

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How to use Social Media to Find a Job!

Wednesday 30th January 2019
Megan Bryant (Online Marketer for StudentJob UK)

Ask anyone under the age of 25 what they use social media for and the most likely response will be aimlessly looking at memes and watching the occasional funny video of dog or some form of animal. We tend to waste a lot of time doing this, so discover how you can use social media to your advantage in order to become educated or to increase your chances of securing a job! LinkedIn Evidently the most obvious, this platform is dedicated to connecting employers with potential candidates. This simple, yet professional medium is a great way to display your experience, transferable skills and achievements in the hope of impressing the recruiter on the other side! Below are a few simple steps how you can…

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What does your ideal job look like in 2019?

Wednesday 16th January 2019
Your CV Consultant in conjunction with CV Library

At the start of a new year, many employees ask themselves what is their ideal job and what does it look like. According to research from CV Library, we can reveal below their findings. 'We asked UK workers what their ideal job looks like. The result? Flexi-time and choosing when to work your daily 8 hours is the most desired aspect of a role. - 39.8% think a salary of £25,000 is reasonable, while 27.5% want a higher pay of £5,500 per year. - The majority (53.6%) would prefer to work flexi-time, choosing their eight hours between 06:00 and 18:00 - only 25.1% want to stick with the traditional 9-5 - A further 38.7% would be happy with 25 days holiday, while 36.7% would…

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Dance With The Devil - Recruitment Agencies: Should I Use One?

Sunday 6th January 2019
Jamie Hughes - CV Writer and Career Coach For Your CV Consultant

About the Author Jamie Hughes is a published author relating to CV Writing and also Career Coach and Senior CV Writer for Your CV Consultant. In his book, Marginal Gains: 88 Ways To Improve Your CV and Kick Start Your Career, he offers some great tips and advice which is a must read before you send off your next CV. Jamie also completes Skype CV Packages helping to propel your career to the next stage! Recruitment Agencies: Should I use one? My answer would be yes. With careful thought and by abiding by a few simple rules it is well worth registering with a couple of recruitment agencies. People are very wary of engaging the assistance of recruitment agencies but when you are…

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Revealed: The best Secret Santa gifts for your colleagues this year

Monday 17th December 2018
CV Library (Guest Publication)

CV-Library has found that 74.6% of Brits enjoy getting involved with this festive gifting game, and whilst Secret Santa is a great opportunity to have some fun with your colleagues during the festive period it can be tricky to know where to draw the line. Nearly half (47%) of Brits think you should give a funny gift, 33.7% a personal one and 17.9% say something generic, but surprisingly 1.5% of your fellow Brits think a rude present is acceptable. Not sure on what to buy? Here's what the nation believes are the best Secret Santa gifts for colleagues this year: - Novelty items (41.1%) - From Christmas socks, to 'A dummy's guide to XYZ', you can have a laugh with your gift without…

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Marginal Gain 11 - 'Changing Career Direction'

Tuesday 20th November 2018
Jamie Hughes - CV Writer and Career Coach For Your CV Consultant

About the Author Jamie Hughes is an independent CV Writer and also writes CV's for Your CV Consultant. In his book, Marginal Gains: 88 Ways To Improve Your CV and Kick Start Your Career, he offers some great tips and advice which is a must read before you send off your next CV. In this third part of our serialisation of his book, we have given you 'Marginal Gain 11' to set you on the correct path when constructing your CV. Marginal Gain 11: Changing career direction: Transferable skills 'No man is an island. No job is an island either'. Jamie Hughes 2016 13:46 I wrote that quote. What I meant was that no job operates in isolation with a completely different set of skills required…

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Five Ways To Keep Your CV Brief And Land That Dream Job!

Tuesday 13th November 2018
Chris Pennington (Director and CV Writer at Your CV Consultant)

As a CV Writer, I often see CV's from experienced professionals that can be up to eight pages in length (I even recall seeing a twenty page CV once...). Quite simply recruiters and employers don't have time to read and get the information they need from such a lengthy document. The key is to write a brief and focused CV designed to get you to interview. Below I have listed some pointers to help you get started in the right direction. Employment positions Experienced professionals who have been employed in a number of positions over several years can struggle with what to keep and what to leave off a new CV. A good rule of thumb is go back no more than…

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