Marginal Gains: Ways To Improve Your CV and Kick Start Your Career

Tuesday 30th January 2018
Jamie Hughes - CV Writer For Your CV Consultant

About the Author Jamie Hughes is an independent CV Writer and also writes CV's for Your CV Consultant. In his book, Marginal Gains: 88 Ways To Improve Your CV and Kick Start Your Career, he offers some great tips and advice which is a must read before you send off your next CV. In this article we have given you the first '4 Gains' to set you on the correct path to help you kick start your career. Marginal Gain 1: Making Marginal Gains Let me be clear from the outset: There is no magic wand that will make your CV better, improve your chances of getting an interview or even get it noticed in the pile on the desk of the hiring…

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How to Get the Job: The Top 5 Reasons Job Hunters Fail

Friday 12th January 2018
Career Experts

Finding a new job isn't always straightforward. Yet, despite the trials, tribulations and rejections that come with the job hunt, it's all worth it in the end. However, be warned, there are certain job seeker faux pas that could ruin your chances of taking the next step in your career. Are you standing in the way of your own success? Take a look at five of the main reasons job hunters fail to secure a new position. 1. You don't have a plan "I'll just apply for anything" is rarely a tactic that bears fruit. It's not always easy deciding where you want your career to go, especially if you're unhappy in your current post or industry. That being said, it's…

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CV Tips And Advice Helping You To Find That Perfect Job!

Friday 8th December 2017
Chris Pennington, Careers Advisor

Many people find the idea of writing a new CV very daunting. Where do I start? How do I write it? What style should I use? What should be added? Well, we have outlined below five brief tips to help you write that all important CV and get you started. 1) Should I include all your job history? Many people make the mistake of putting their entire job history on a CV. This is not needed and especially so if it results in a lengthy document that does not engage the reader. It's important to cover any gaps, however the roles included should focus on the application. Also assess if you really need to mention that job from 20 years ago or…

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Professional CV Writers – Are They Worth The Money?

Tuesday 28th November 2017
Your CV Consultant

You might state, based on the fact this article is being written by a professional CV writing company director, that it will answer the title question stating 'of course its worth it!' However, there is more to this question than meets the eye... We have assembled 4 key questions you need to ask yourself before placing an order for a CV with ANY company. 1) Do I need someone to write my CV? Many people feel they don't need someone to write a CV for them. They know their experience and they can save money whilst doing it for free. However, it's best to break this down into two sections so an informed decision can be made. What people do…

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Personal Details Recruiters Don’t Need To See On Your CV

Thursday 23rd November 2017
CV Library (Guest Author)

Your CV is the key way you can communicate to recruiters why you're the best person for the job and why they should invite you in for an interview to meet you in person. Don't be under any illusion, however, that you have to include everything about you on your CV. Of course, there are snippets of your personal life that you will want to include, if they are relevant to the job you are applying for, such as: - Personal experience, e.g. a gap year - Volunteering in your spare time - A second language - Hobbies that can demonstrate key skills that you can't get from your work history Just don't get excited and overshare. You probably have a…

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Where to Look for Jobs: The Top 6 Sources

Tuesday 14th November 2017
Career Experts

There are plenty of job opportunities around, especially online. However, one of the most difficult part of job hunting is sifting through these jobs to find the few that are a great fit for you. Where should you start your job search? The best way to conduct your job hunt is to use a range of sources. If you don't branch out and try a few different things, you may be missing out on finding your dream job. If you're getting started on your job search and are unsure about where to start looking, give these six sources a go. 1. Job sites This is the most obvious way to look for jobs and it's a great place to start your job hunt. Many…

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Smart Job Searching for Jobseekers – Boolean Tips

Thursday 9th November 2017
Select Jobs

To some of you, the word 'Boolean' makes sense as a neat little time-saving trick. To others, the word could be part of a foreign language. Luckily, we're happy to share an insight into how it'll save you a tonne of time, when searching for jobs. Here are two examples of job searches, run by a 'B2B Sales Executive' jobseeker. Both will return the same results. You'll very quickly see which of the two searches will save you time. Jobseeker 1: Runs job search for 'Sales Executive', looks through jobs, closes page. Runs job search for 'B2B Sales', looks through jobs, closes page. Runs job search for 'Business Development', looks through jobs, closes page. Jobseeker 2: Runs a Boolean search, with…

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Give Your CV A Fresh Start!

Sunday 5th November 2017
Career Advisor (Guest Author)

Now we are nearing a New Year, it can feel like its time for new is beginning. As part of this 'fresh start' it's a good idea to review and improve your CV. We have compiled some general tips and advice below to help you focus your new CV so you can succeed on your job search! Common CV Mistakes 1 Typos and grammatical errors - Before applying for a new job, have your CV reviewed by a career professional or at least by an excellent writer / editor. 2 Formatting that is difficult for the eye to follow or confusing to look at - The reader may get frustrated, give up, or throw out your CV. The layout and readability of…

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How to build a strong CV for job search success

Wednesday 18th October 2017
CV Library (Guest Author)

Having the most relevant job experience and being the most suitable candidate for the role you're applying for is all good and well. But if your CV doesn't reflect that, then you are going nowhere. You need to build a strong CV for job search success. Not sure how to do that? Have a read of these five tips to get you on your way to active employment. 1. Start with the basics Format Make sure you format your CV correctly. Find a recent layout of a CV for the industry you are applying for a job in. Copy the format. CV fashions come and go, so make sure your CV is up to date. Spelling Make sure you spellcheck it. There is nothing guaranteed…

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How To Revamp Your CV To Improve Your Job Search

Friday 15th September 2017
CV Library (Guest Author)

Once there was a time when you could write your CV, post it online to recruitment websites or send it directly to recruiters, sit back and wait for the offers to come pouring. Those days are long gone. If you want to get ahead and get a good job, you have to do all the legwork to put yourself in front of the crowd. How? Here are four ways to revamp your CV to improve your job search. 1. Think like a recruiter Recruiters take around 8.8 seconds to scan a CV. If you can't show clearly what type of job that you are trying to get, then it's very unlikely that a recruiter will know why you are the best applicant…

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