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The value of references on a CV

Friday 3rd September 2021
Jamie Hughes - Author and Career Coach at Your CV Consultant

About the Author Jamie Hughes is a published author relating to CV Writing and also Career Coach and Senior CV Writer for Your CV Consultant. In his book, Marginal Gains: 88 Ways To Improve Your CV and Kick Start Your Career, he offers some great tips and advice which is a must read before you send off your next CV. Jamie also completes Video Call CV Packages, helping to propel your career to the next stage! References are not critical for a good CV or a great CV. Most employers do not check references until they have decided to offer you the job. However in terms of the overall recruitment process they are very easy to overlook leading to a…

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5 Top Tips For Updating Your CV

Tuesday 29th June 2021
Chris Pennington (Client Services Director - Your CV Consultant)

Using old or outdated CVs for job applications may not get you many interviews. With this in mind, we have listed 5 top tips to focus on when creating your new CV. Personal profile Always read the job description for the position you are applying for. Then, write your profile so it covers the essential points. Remove irrelevant sentences and wording, ensuring it focuses on where your skill set needs to be for the application. The profile is also a great place to tailor your career plans. It can be a central thread that runs throughout the CV. In your profile you can state what you're looking for and what you can bring to a future employer or position. Key skills A great…

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Should you ditch the hobbies section from your CV?

Tuesday 13th April 2021
Jamie Hughes - Author and Career Coach at Your CV Consultant

90% of the time... lose the Hobbies & Interests I strongly believe that for an efficient CV this section contributes nothing. Most people put reading, watching TV, socialising, cinema etc. This is meaningless. You might as well put down 'breathing'. Do not bother. It achieves nothing. The other 10%: Using Hobbies and Interests You should only use this section in a few circumstances. If you are young, inexperienced or literally having nothing else that demonstrates any skills, strengths or experiences it can be useful. Remember, this is not a dating profile. The employer does not care what you do with your spare time really. But certain inclusions can generate some conclusions. If you have a hobby such as a sport or other activity and you have committed…

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How to write a CV: Before you do check out our client feedback!

Saturday 6th March 2021
Your CV Consultant Client Feedback

At Your CV Consultant, we thought we would take the opportunity to share what our clients really think about us. So, in their own words... Ryan 'I just wanted to say I am really happy with my CV and cover letter there isnt anything I would change regarding what you have sent over, you have taken time to create the perfect resume, and I can honestly say your company has done a fantastic job and I will be sure to recommend your services moving forward.' Stuart Well where do I start. A massive thank you to you and Chris for putting my mind at ease and making the process so smooth and painless. I am a very happy chap now with my shiny new…

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Why pay for someone to write a CV?

Thursday 4th February 2021
Jamie Hughes - Senior CV Writer and Career Coach at Your CV Consultant

Recruitment is not fair. I would go as far as to say that it's biased. Bias in favour of those who can write CVs, cover letters and applications better. Those who proceed to interview are not always the best people for the job. This is not the recruiting organisations fault. They are only responding to the material put in front of them. In this case they do have to 'judge a book by its cover' as they have nothing else to go on. I read so many CVs of highly capable people with a strong skill set and substantial career but their CV simply does not reflect that. That is where I usually come in. My job is to ensure the candidate promotes themselves…

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How a recruitment agency can save you money & advantages of a temporary workforce

Saturday 23rd January 2021
Lakshmi Thurairatnam (Platinum Plus Recruitment)

Sometimes organisations may require extra employees for a few days a week or for a one-off role. Ordinarily it can be a challenge to locate the right person who is willing to take on such short-term project, especially at short notice. There are often plenty of competent individuals who would be glad of the work on specific days. This is the thinking behind Platinum Plus Recruitment, we do not only assist with permanent hire, but we also offer temporary candidates and flexible working, putting companies and job hunters together for mutual benefit. Only the best A recruitment agency's greatest asset is its reputation, and this depends on always sending the best professionals out to organisations. Consequently, Platinum Plus Recruitment will only shortlist…

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Online masterclasses: How to perform well in job interviews

Thursday 7th January 2021
Your CV Consultant

Employability expert Jamie Hughes will teach you the keys to a great interview performance in any scenario. In our online class we will cover all the elements that will make sure that you are the best version of you on the day. Interviews are no different to any other element of business. Preparation and practice can boost performance significantly. Let us show you how. Content • How to prepare effectively before the interview • How to answer the key questions effectively • How to 'read the room' and adapt your style • Managing nerves before and during • How to close out an interview This course is for you if... • Nerves destroy your interview chances • You struggle to find the right answers to employers' questions • Selling yourself in a big challenge • You have no idea how to…

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Covid-19 and my job search experience

Wednesday 2nd December 2020
Andrew Garvey (Test Analyst)

In this article we asked Andrew Garvey to document his job searching experience in 2020. He covers topics ranging from LinkedIn, job search and CV's. This first hand experience is a unique insight into the issues facing people looking for employment in the midst of a pandemic. On reflection, the lockdown has been kinder to me than many others. From working in the same office as a colleague who was one of the first Covid-19 cases in the UK, to spending six months with a travel company through the most turbulent trading period in their history, and wondering which day would be my last, it's been a challenging time. But I'm one of the lucky ones, I've managed to stay in…

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Job Searching and Your CV Consultant in 2020

Saturday 28th November 2020
Chris Pennington (Client Services Director at Your CV Consultant)

End of Year Comments and Thoughts In 2020 we have seen the impact of Covid-19 on employment across the UK and globally. At Your CV Consiltant we therefore have one purpose in mind; helping clients to find their next job. Through our site clients now have 'one stop' access to our team of professional CV writers, career coaches and a UK job search page. Additionally we now offer multiple discounts which have also proven popular with clients who are unemployed and want to ensure their CV matches and stands out against other applicants. Check out our recent feedback from our testimonial page. This year we are proud to have helped so many people back into employment. Our plans for 2021 are to continue to provide…

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Redundancy and how we can help you

Monday 5th October 2020
Chris Pennington (Client Services Director at Your CV Consultant)

Since March 2020 and the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been contacted by many clients who have lost their job through redundancy. Redundancy can be a life changing event. Taking away foundations and routine at short notice. We understand. Your CV Consultant as a result has implemented the 'Redundancy Support Package'. This unique package has been created to support you when you need it the most. There are a number of key features; - Skype/Online Career Consultations - Multiple CV's created to target different career paths - Interview advice - Career direction - Job search help (in addition to our free job search page) - LinkedIn Optimisation - Multiple bespoke cover letters This strong support package is delivered by our qualified life and performance coach Jamie…

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