Marginal Gains: Ways To Improve Your CV and Kick Start Your Career

Marginal Gains: Ways To Improve Your CV and Kick Start Your Career

Tuesday 29th March 2022
Jamie Hughes - CV Writer For Your CV Consultant

About the Author
Jamie Hughes is an independent CV Writer and also writes CV's for Your CV Consultant. In his book, Marginal Gains: 88 Ways To Improve Your CV and Kick Start Your Career, he offers some great tips and advice which is a must read before you send off your next CV. In this article we have given you the first '4 Gains' to set you on the correct path to help you kick start your career.

Marginal Gain 1: Making Marginal Gains

Let me be clear from the outset: There is no magic wand that will make your CV better, improve your chances of getting an interview or even get it noticed in the pile on the desk of the hiring manager.

There are however many little things you can do to make your CV more effective. This collection of 88 'gains' is all the things I have observed over the years that can make a real difference to your documents.

Each one in isolation might not make a difference but by adopting the majority of them I am confident you will see a noticeable improvement in your CV in terms of how it looks, reads and what it does for you.

The British Olympic Track Cycling Team attributed their great success in recent years in working out ways to make marginal gains. They never chased a mythical guaranteed success factor that would ensure victory. In a sport where 0.3 of a second is the difference between first and nowhere they recognised that 0.05 of a second was incredibly valuable so they set out to find these 'marginal gains'. That is what we are doing here. By finding the most minor changes in mind set, formatting and language that can come together to offer a significant advantage which will make you first in the 'definitely interview' pile.

Marginal Gain 2: Make Things Earn Their Place

Be efficient. Do not have one word or even letter in your CV that does not achieve something. Space is at a premium. Everything included should contribute to showcasing your skills, experience or attitude. If not, it stays out.
Many of the following marginal gains will be as much about not including things as it is about what to put in.

Marginal Gain 3: Size Matters

Length IS important (stop laughing at the back). I could probably write an academic thesis on the ideal length for a CV and in all honesty there is no absolute answer. I believe if you follow these 3 simple rules of thumb you should not run the risk of your CV ending up in the bin.

Most CVs can be done and dusted in 2 pages.

If you have a longer career with senior or complex roles than going onto the third page is fine.

Any longer than 3 pages and you are running the risk of losing impact and the attention of the reader.

Marginal Gain 4: Tell Me Lies Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Never lie on your CV. You may win in the short term. You may even get away with it in the long term but the risk is too great. If you get found out then you will do serious damage to your career, your credibility and could end up in prison. It is really not worth it.

Throughout the book I will demonstrate and discuss methods to get the very best out of your actual career path. Lies will not be required.

If you would like to read more 'Marginal Gains' these can be found in Jamie's book, Marginal Gains: 88 Ways To Improve Your CV and Kick Start Your Career. In addition if you would like to discuss your CV in more detail email or click Your CV Consultant and see how we can help you to kick start your career!