Why choose a career coaching package with Your CV Consultant?

Why choose a career coaching package with Your CV Consultant?

Sunday 30th October 2022
Jamie Hughes - CV Writer and Career Coach For Your CV Consultant

I have been in the CV/resume writing business for a long time. I believe that it's an essential service that too few people use. However, given it is how I earn my living, I would say that!

My justification is simple: you happily pay a professional to cut your hair or fix your car. Yes, you could try it yourself but you would not have the expertise or experience to do the job well. Why would you not pay a professional to write your CV/resume?

Your CV/resume is one of the most important documents in your life behind your birth certificate and passport. Arguably it's even more important than those things as a well written CV/resume has the power to change your life and career overnight. A new job can bring fresh opportunities, more money and a complete change to you and your families circumstances.

For every client we work with we produce a great CV based on the information provided. This is a critical point; the information provided. So very often it would be possible to write an even better CV/resume with a coaching session beforehand.

During a coaching session we are able to:

1. Explore your career plan and work out exactly what you want to do or should be doing next.

Let's avoid kneejerk career decisions or money chasing moves and take the time to discuss the right move for you and prepare a CV/resume accordingly.

2. Review your career and current job role and extract exactly what your key skills and 'selling points' are.

So often our clients don't understand what they are, what skills they have and what makes them valuable to other companies. You may have been doing a job for so long that you do it by instinct and could not write down all the nuanced skills you have. An objective review allows us to get the best possible view of your skills, experience and market value.

3. Deliver high value coaching support to turbo charge your career path.

The purpose of coaching is to not provide you with the answers. It is to help you find the answers.

A coaching session with us will allow you to objectively and privately explore your thoughts around your career, your life and the next steps. You will be supported, challenged and motivated to move forward with a plan that you believe in and will be committed to.

To conclude, a well written CV/resume from us is a great tool to achieve your career goals.

If you want to go one step further then our coaching sessions ensure the person using the tool is focused, motivated and ready and has a CV/resume that is razor sharp.

Remember, even world class athletes have coaches. Let's make you a world class career builder.

We offer video and phone sessions with a qualified coach. Call 0330 133 0356 for more details or click one of our great online packages!