What is career coaching?

What is career coaching?

Thursday 6th October 2022
By Jamie Hughes, career coach at Your CV Consultant

In the opening to my book, I suggest that the CV is a very undervalued item given its
potential importance and impact on a person's life. A great CV can lead to promotions, new
roles and increased income! Really, it should be number 1 in everyone's priority list.

But it isn't. It often sits neglected on laptop hard drives or dusty pen sticks until the moment
when its absolutely needed. Due to this neglect, it is then usually out of date or just does
not feel good enough. This usually extends to career planning and preparation in general.
Often an afterthought, rarely given much priority.

So, as a result, people find themselves sitting at a blank screen not sure what to do or write
with an increasing desperation as that job application deadline ticks down whilst never asking
for help. But why? In every other aspect of our lives we recognise when to call a
professional. Car not working? Mechanic. Boiler deceased? Plumber. New sport? Get a

In my humble opinion, working with a Career Coach should be an absolute no brainer. We
really can change lives. And I mean bank balance growing, new car, new house, increased
quality of life stuff . Better CVs open more doors. Better job search techniques find you the
roles that you never knew existed. Better interview techniques get you the 'welcome to the
company' email. Bringing in some expert help is not an admission of failure. In my ten years
doing this the rule of thumb is that the stronger a client is in their field, the worse they are
at managing their careers. It's a different skillset, but one that can be coached.

So what will be involved? This is what usually goes on during the process but is not
comprehensive: My opening gambit to all clients is always 'we fit the process to what you

∙ Let's get that CV upgraded. Great candidates focus on impacts and outcomes not duties.
Let's show why you are a class apart from the field.

∙ Bit of spit and polish on that LinkedIn. So much is going on career wise on that platform
and its networking capability can open so many doors.

∙ Job search. Has changed so much in the last 5 years its unrecognisable. No shame in
getting yourself up to speed.

∙ Interviews: Scare even the most confident person. Let's talk about likely questions, how
to prep and how to own the room.

∙ What next? Sometimes you just need a sounding board with someone with no skin in the
game. New career? Time to resign? What could I use my skills and experience for? Am I
paid enough.

Over the last few years since the service launched we have worked with those from all
backgrounds and at all levels and had some amazing successes. Promotions, career
transitions and sometimes just finding a job that makes them happy.

We are always open to an exploratory chat to see if this is right for you. So, get in touch!