7 Great Tips To Help Write A CV Worth Shouting About!

7 Great Tips To Help Write A CV Worth Shouting About!

Friday 17th March 2023
Chris Pennington

A CV is a vital document that summarises your professional achievements, career objectives, educational background and work experience. It's an essential document used by job seekers to market themselves to potential employers. Employers use it as a screening tool to identify top candidates for job openings. Therefore, writing a great CV is critical to your career, as it determines your chances of landing your desired job.

To write an effective CV, you need to structure it appropriately and tailor it to the specific job requirements. This involves understanding the job description, researching the company, and highlighting your skills and experience relevant to the job. A well-written CV should be easy to read, concise, and clear. It should also be organised chronologically, listing your most recent achievements first. It should also be gimmick free and content the key.

Check out these 7 top tips!

1. Start with a clear and concise summary statement that highlights your skills and experience.

2. Use bullet points to organise key information about your accomplishments, skills, and experience. This will make it easier for hiring managers to quickly scan your CV.

3. Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for. Focus on the skills and experience that are most relevant to the position.

4. Highlight your achievements and use specific examples to demonstrate your skills and capabilities.

5. Use industry-specific language and keywords that are relevant to the position.

6. Be sure to include any relevant education, certifications or licenses you have earned.

7. Double-check for spelling and grammar errors before submitting your CV. Then check again!

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