Can I Get A Job With No Experience?

Can I Get A Job With No Experience?

Friday 31st March 2023
On behalf of Your CV Consultant

To get a job you often need experience, but to get the experience you need a job... it's a frustrating cycle that many people face when job seeking. In this blog, we're going to share our top tips to help you increase your chances of landing a job - even if you don't have the right experience.

Whether you are new to the world of work, or you're considering changing to an entirely new career, you may have asked yourself the question: can I get a job with no experience? And we're here to tell you that you can! It may be a little more challenging, but with the right support, you can start a new career even without real work experience in that industry.

Here's how you can get a job with no experience...

Upskill Yourself

It is no secret that employers look for high-quality experience when assessing their pool of candidates, but work experience isn't the only thing they look for. Key factors that are often considered by employers include your industry knowledge, your transferrable skills, your goals for the future and your passion for the job.

Upskilling yourself is an excellent and efficient way to expand your skill set and gain valuable industry knowledge. There is a vast range of online courses that enable you to learn a new skill and gain a qualification, and many of them are free or government funded.

For example, GOV.UK currently offers a number of free Level 3 Qualifications in a range of industries, including engineering, digital, hospitality, accounting, agriculture, childcare, medicine, teaching, transportation and more.

Aside from upskilling yourself, you should also aim to keep up to date with industry news, regulations and trends, as this will demonstrate that you have a keen interest in the job you are applying for.


Work experience doesn't always have to include paid work. Volunteering is an invaluable way to strengthen your job application and secure your ideal job.

Volunteering positions are often advertised on job websites, however, many organisations and businesses will accept volunteers but won't specifically advertise volunteering opportunities.

A great way to secure a volunteering position is to reach out to local businesses within the industry you would like a career. By contacting a local business via email or telephone, you can explain that you are looking for a temporary volunteering position to gain industry-specific work experience whilst highlighting your enthusiasm to learn.

Get Help With Your CV

If you want a real shot at beating other candidates, you need a CV that stands out. But writing a CV with no work experience can be extremely difficult, which is where CV writing experts come in! Professional CV consultants and writers curate outstanding CVs tailored to your preferences.

Even if you don't have real work experience, a CV professional will be able to write an exceptional CV and job application that shines the light on your other qualities, including your transferrable skills and qualifications.

They will also work with you to write a kick-ass personal statement that demonstrates your knowledge and highlights your passion for the role.

Opt For Realistic Roles

Applying for realistic roles will increase your chances of securing a job with no experience. Even if it is not the exact job role you want, it could be a stepping stone to your dream job!

Once you have gained some quality work experience, you can start to aim much higher when job seeking. But when you are starting out, don't be afraid to start at the bottom.

Entry-level positions, apprenticeships and internships are excellent ways to gain the experience, skill and knowledge you need to work your way up the career ladder.

Get Support From A Specialist Recruitment Agency

If you would like a career in a specific industry, it is always worth reaching out to a specialist recruitment agency. Many recruitment agencies offer industry-specific services and will have relationships with key organisations and businesses within your chosen industry.

For example, Chappell Enterprises UK provides recruitment services for several specific industries, including the construction industry, transport and logistics industry, grounds maintenance industry and industrial and warehouse industry.

Specialist recruitment agencies will ensure that you have an amazing job application that highlights your key qualities before matching you to suitable job roles and guiding you through the application process.