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Can Turn2us help you financially?

Can Turn2us help you financially?

Saturday 22nd May 2021
Turn2us (Guest Charity)

Turn2us has been a charity since the 1800s, and while our name has changed a few times our mission has always remained the same - help people who are struggling financially.

So what help is available? Turn2us provides practical financial help. If you are struggling financially we may be able to help you in one of three ways.

Firstly, we provide grants. Grants are a financial award you don't have to pay back. For example, through one of our funds, you could get £1,000 to tide you over for a month, £500 for a new oven, or £2,000 to make renovations to your home. Last year we gave over £4 million in grants. In addition to this, we also have a Grants Search database which means if you aren't eligible for one of our grants, we can help you access other charitable funds grants'.

Secondly, we can help you access welfare benefits. Our Benefits Calculator can work out what you are entitled to in less than 10 minutes. Every year millions of people are not claiming the billions of benefits they are entitled to. We want to make sure anyone who is struggling is getting the money they are entitled to.

Thirdly, we provide help, support and information through our website and helpline. These resources have been put together by experts to help make it as easy as possible to maximise your income.

To find out if Turn2us can help you financially, you can ring us on 0808 802 2000 or visit:

Your CV Consultant are proud to support and stand alongside Turn2us.