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Lifeshare - Manchester’s oldest homelessness charity!

Tuesday 27th July 2021

Lifeshare is Manchester's oldest homelessness charity. Whether it be to provide a food parcel to a family in need, provide dry socks and warm clothes in cold weather, facilitate mental health counseling and care, or connect someone with a device they can use to access important resources like healthcare, Lifeshare is there to help. Lifeshare's primary service is providing crisis support for 16-25s with the CARDS program. CARDS targets vulnerable and marginalized young people in Greater Manchester, particularly those who are homeless (or at risk of becoming so) and those at risk of being sexually exploited. In addition to working to secure safe and stable housing, Lifeshare also works to help these young people achieve financial stability and develop positive mental…

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Can Turn2us help you financially?

Saturday 22nd May 2021
Turn2us (Guest Charity)

Turn2us has been a charity since the 1800s, and while our name has changed a few times our mission has always remained the same - help people who are struggling financially. So what help is available? Turn2us provides practical financial help. If you are struggling financially we may be able to help you in one of three ways. Firstly, we provide grants. Grants are a financial award you don't have to pay back. For example, through one of our funds, you could get £1,000 to tide you over for a month, £500 for a new oven, or £2,000 to make renovations to your home. Last year we gave over £4 million in grants. In addition to this, we also have a Grants…

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The 'Old Chapel'; Freedom, Reason and Tolerance

Tuesday 11th May 2021
Your CV Consultant

There is an interesting building in the town of Dukinfield, Greater Manchester. You might not have heard about it though. We would like to share why it's so special and why they need support to help with restoring their very old roof! Where it all began Three hundred years ago in 1707 building began on the first chapel, specifically erected for public worship. It was a much more modest affair than the Victorian Gothic building that exists today. The first service was held on 26th August 1708 when the Rev Samuel Angier preached a thanksgiving sermon for the British forces' victory over the French army in Oudenarde in East Flanders. Over the years the building has grown in size and stature. The first chapel…

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