Genuine Testimonials

Just a sample of some of our recent feedback from clients...

Thanks for sending these across.... I am very impressed.

Alex (October 2019)

Thank you so much, CV looks way more professional than what I had and I like cover letter as well. I am satisfied!

Ana (October 2019)

All look good and reads very will.... much better that my efforts!!

Jamie (September 2019)

I'm really pleased with the documents you've sent me. Thank you very much, they look great!

Mihaela (Romania - September 2019)

Fantastic job done once again.Thank you.

Jacqui (August 2019)

Thanks Janine. This is a great CV and I wanted to take time to thank you! I'm very pleased with it! Thank you for doing such a fab job, wasn't expecting it to be this good!!

Anju (August 2019)

The CV looks great and I'm really happy and confident with it...really satisfied with the way you have structured it.

Mohammed (August 2019)

Many thanks for your work I couldn't write up better myself. Hopefully it will help me get to where I need and want to be. It was a great experience work with you and I definitely recommend this company to my friends! Thanks again for the fantastic job I really happy with that

Gabriel (August 2019)

Hi Jamie, Thanks for your effort and good job, I really like it! Will for sure recommend Your CV Consultant to my friends and acquaintances.

Henric (Sweden - July 2019)

Many thanks for everything Chris, it's much appreciated!

Ben (July 2019)

Thank you Janine for this new updated cv. Im hoping this will lead to more interviews.

Chanal (July 2019)

Thanks Jamie, it looks great! Also happy with the cover letter.

Neil (July 2019)

Fantastic! Thank you, You definitely made it 100 × better, now I just have to live up to all those expectations!

Katie (June 2019)

My new CV and cover letter look great. Say thanks to Jamie from me.

Joanna (June 2019)

Hi Chris, What a superb CV, Is this me!

Mark (June 2019)

Thanks a lot. The CV looks great! I like every single line of it. Very happy! Thank you so much for everything

Igor (May 2019)

Thanks Chris. This is great! I appreciate your time and effort here.

Adam (May 2019)

Thank you for the CV. I had a quick look and it looks very good to me!

Mazhar (May 2019)

Thanks so much!! Looks great

Emily (April 2019)

Thanks so much for arranging this so quickly. I am very pleased with this and will start to apply for jobs.

Lisa (April 2019)

Many thanks for this. Really pleased with it . Hopefully it will help me get to where I need and want to be.

Ruth (April 2019)

Thank you very much! It was a great experience to work with you seeing your professionalism from the beginning. Therefore, I will strongly recommend you company.

Vasile (Romania - March 2019)

Thank you the CV looks great, very happy.

Harry (March 2019)

This looks great thank you very much for your help!

Sahiba (March 2019)

I have received the copies and am very happy and impressed with the results. Wanted to say thank you so much for looks perfect to me.

Garth (February 2019)

Thanks, I am happy with what you have done pleasure to do business with you again.

Mark (February 2019)

Thanks Jamie for submitting my new CV and cover letter which is a big improvement.... so many thanks.

Mark (January 2019)

Thank you very much. I am happy with the way you have organised and presented my CV. Definitely like the new powerful personal profile.

Ananya (January 2019)

Thank you so much for your great work, I really liked the work you've done on my CV and the Cover Letter....I will definitely recommend your service to my colleagues at university

Sultan (Saudi Arabia - January 2019)

I have just taken a look and the CV and the letter both look fantastic!

Matt (January 2019)

Top of the range. From start to finish Chris was quick to respond to produced top quality results each time. You don't come across high customer service like this often, and I am pleased to have Chris create the best service to propel me forward for the next step in my career. Thank you again.

Ruth (January 2019)

Thank you very much looks very good.
Hopefully I will soon land another great job 😀.

Peter (December 2018)

Thank you very much for your help!

Hema (December 2018)

Hi Chris just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on the cv it's brilliant and will help me a lot.

Dave (December 2018)

Thank you very much for my new CV and the Cover Letter, I am very pleased with that. Many thanks again.

Alina (November 2018)

Thank you very much for the amazing job Jamie has done!

Yelena (Equatorial Guinea - November 2018)

WOW. I'd employ me with that and I know me!!! I love it. Its short , direct and relevant. Thank you so much...It's the best £40 Ive spent!

John (November 2018)

Thank you for your help and I really appreciate your advice and work what have you done for me. If I need a further help I know where you are.

Martina (October 2018)

Thank you so much im happy with the whole package i will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. The cv and cover letter are brilliant.

Christine (September 2018)

Thank you so much with the CV i am very happy with the outcome

Justin (September 2018)

Thank You for the CV and Covering Letter, It looks brilliant! Looks great and presentable!. I will pass on your details to my work colleagues for your brilliant quick services.

Mohammed (United Arab Emirates - August 2018)

Very professional and quick. Chris Pennington is a really caring person and replying to all your queries as soon as possible. I recommend them definitely, especially to all medical professionals.

Matin (August 2018)

Thank you for my CV and cover letter. I must say, I am extremely impressed with what has been done. I would not hesitate to recommend you to family or friends and would be happy to utilise your company's professional services once again.

Nina (August 2018)

I am impressed with your service and so so glad I decided to do this.

Lisa (July 2018)

Your awesome 👍🏼 thank you for this. It's perfect.

Ruth (July 2018)

Thank you so much for getting all this done so quickly. Really appreciate it. LinkedIn looks great

Tracy (July 2018)

THANK YOU very much! Your services are outstanding!I will refer you to all my friends indeed. And a lot of happy customers in future.
Absolutely satisfied and happy and will use you again with pleasure. Could you please say thank you to Jany from me too.

Eve (July 2018)

Thank you so much, was a super fast service. I highly recommend your services.

Ghazala (July 2018)

Many thanks. I think your service was excellent and I would and will recommend your company any time.

Alex (July 2018)

Thank you - amazing service

Dale (June 2018)

I am pleased to thank you for how you have designed my CV. The CV looks very attractive and I hope I will find my desired jobs in the next few days. Thank you very much once again and I have seen my LinkedIn profile. Fantastic job.

Desmond (June 2018)

Thank you. I already have an interview i cant believe it. Thanks so much!

Aurora (May 2018)

Thanks Chris, Linkedin looks great, I appreciate all your help, advice and assistance.

Steve (May 2018)